Hey boo!

If you areย  in Tanzania especially in the city like #DaresSalaam once after the sun rise & you are a foodie you’ll notice the difference in the availability & choices you’ll have for your #Morningmeal

First, in Tanzania we have places mostly referred as #Ushuani these are poshy, classy, descent, civilized areas and being a foodie you may be having appetite but you will be limited with what to eat. Breakfast mostly will include Bread, eggs that you may quickly grab them from the nearby store.. okay to add sausages and fruits if you have them at home.
But coming to the mostly known as #Uswazi or #Uswahilini where it’s referred as areas of the lower class, uncivilized, the local etc here is where as a foodie you’ll be amazed. People from these areas are full of culture & leave away yo’ appetite because the variety of food in the morning is endless๐Ÿค— #Heaven …. It’s from one door step to the other you’ll meet mama Juma cooking mandazi, while bibi Salehe serves goat head soup & Mama Tatu fries sweet potatoes with the famous chachandu ๐Ÿ˜…
Here is to the beginning of our #31Swahili morning meal ideas. Food with culture influence, love, passion, creativity & easy to try it at your own kitchen!

So,today we are having the most delicious coconut & milk rice porridgeโ€ฆ Yummy!!


  1. Rice
  2. Sugar
  3. Coconut Milk
  4. Milk
  5. Salt (a pinch for taste)
  6. Cardamom


  • Wash your rice & let it stay in water for few minutes (helps to make the rice soft and sticky when cooking)



  1. Add water & boil the rice, add some cardamom & a pinch of salt for taste
  2. As it’s almost cooked ( don’t let the water dry) switch of and start blending it

After blending:

  1. Put the now rice porridge back to pot, add a bit of more cardamom, sugar, milk and the coconut milk
  2. Mix well & let it boil for few more minutes
  3. Whisk as you cook, let it cook to the thickness of your choice
  4. Serve & Enjoy!

This most delicious porridge is usually taken as it is with no snack on the side. However, the choice is always yours and you can add butter & have some snacks on the side.

Now whoโ€™s in for the big bowl of rice porridge in the morning? What are your thoughts on this meal?

Try it at home & let me know how it goes, Tag @oliviaz_pot on Instagram




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