Hey food lovers!

You know the drill right?  It’s the continuation of Swahili breakfast meal ideas, in case you missed the details from day one of the series here it is.


So today it’s the Swahili’s  most famous “visheti namba 8”. And these may also count to  kids favorite, Hey I’m not a kid but I love them, And I bet you will love them too. So let’s start.

NOTE: However I created  different shapes not only number 8.


  1. -Wheat flour
  2. -Sugar
  3. -Milk
  4. -Baking Powder
  5. -Yeast
  6. -Cardamom
  7. -Cinnamon
  8. Vanilla powder


  1. Mix the flour with all dry ingredients except for sugar and cinnamon.
  2. Add milk to your mixture and start to create the dough
  3. Be sure the dough is soft, cover it and keep it in a warm place for 10 minutes

Now that your dough is ready section it ready to create different shapes.

Different shapes I went for.

Here are the ways you can create the number 8 shape.


-Add oil in the pan & fry them in medium heat until gold brown

So here you have it, stage one is all done. They will mostly be soft and puffy buns with some milk and vanilla taste, Oh yes and the cardamom flavor too…super tasty but relax we are not done yet.

Remember we did not add sugar as we were creating the dough for these buns, we only added a pinch of salt for taste.

Making the Sugar Syrup:

  1. Mix some sugar, vanilla powder and cinnamon in a bowl
  2. Put some amount of water in a pot and add the mixture
  3. let it boil until thick enough, don’t let it stick in the pan
  4. Now add the buns and keep swirling and shaking the pan so  it won’t stick
  5. Few minutes after all your ‘visheti’ are coated with sugar switch off the pan and serve.

Viola, and there you have it a bite of some warm, soft, puffy & sweet kisheti with Swahili culture influence.

Well, this is another snack a Swahili man can enjoy his breakfast with. With a cup coffee or tea next to him  and his morning will be all delighted.


So, who’s ready to taste his/her sweetooth with these visheti?

 Cook at your home & tag me on Instagram : @oliviaz_pot




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