30 goals before 30


Why am I doing this though? This is torture seriously, LOL.

So, guys  2 years ago I wrote this “30 goals? Really, that’s like a lot of work. Anyway, it is what it is, so how are you my beautiful people? I have a lot on my desk but these are the 30 goals I feel safe to share with you and I’m really working hard to accomplish them, saying that I only have two years to accomplish”.  And then I shamelessly / fearlessly  listed my 30 goals. Sigh!!

Geez, I have forgot to check on your being… see guys! This is ‘ish is so much pressure.on me (Lol, I kid, no pressure) So how are you guys?

Let me be honest guys, I wrote this list  2 years ago & aimed to live by it before my 30 but at some point (in less than 6 months) I forgot about it and started to live my normal life and enjoy each moment freely as it came, However last night (Tuesday, 6th August 2017) I unexpectedly came across the list and well I thought why not? Let me update you guys since I first shared it on my previous blog (oliviazjournal.com).

UPDATE:  Come October and this girl shall be 30, wait we call it ‘twentynineish’! Yaas & I’m excited.

By the time I wrote this list I was a full time employee in one International Organization hence double income (plus side hustles ) & other benefits but truth is things changed later, project ended hence we  don’t have a full time job (boy, we missing that cash!) So you know, no money no honey.  Just so you know I don’t mind full time jobs, you have one holla…. your girl got a BA Mass Communication .



  1. Own my delicious catering business.

I love food, I love cooking, I dream to own a restaurant some day. It’s time to start from the  little that I have.

Update: I now have a food blog, and I have been hosting & feeding events of 50 people max.and I’m proud. If you are in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania the chance is you can have me at your home cuz now I’m a Private Chef too 🙂

 2. To find God.

I need a stronger bond with my almighty

Update: Yooo, Guys! I have never been proud. I’m doing good in this & I keep doing my best not to loose track. It’s not only about praying and bible study, It’s also about going through a self love & discovery journey. And let me share one of my Inspirational Speaker ‘Terri Savelle Foy’

3. To connect more with creative, influential, free spirited, open minded & positive people.

4.To love myself a lot more.

5. To enjoy, improve & embrace my natural hair journey

6. To develop reading habits

So proud here! I used to dislike reading but trust me when I say I’m a book worm in the making. I also managed to start a book club here in Dar  called ‘Kahawa N’ Kitabu Klub’

7. Start to grow a garden of fresh veggies.

It won’t matter how small it may be.

UPDATE: Are you following me on Insta @oliviaz_pot  because the answer is obvious. I have flower and vegetable garden . Wink 😉 I grow tomatoes, Papaya, lemon grass, pumpkins, banana trees etc

8. To attend at least 3 women & motivational conferences. 

I watch lots of influential women & their documentation online but I wanted to meet them in personal.  Thanks to start up grind Tanzania I managed to attend a couple  of events  with powerful & influential Female Guests  such as Faraja Kotta,  & Emelda Mwamanga and I networked with awesome people as well

9. To learn video editing.

Let me tell you, I’m past that and let’s meet on my YouTube Channel : Olivia’s Journal

10. Improve my photography skills.

I think I’m doing awesome. I take my own blog photos , and I will keep learning to serve you with the best.

My beloved, here are some of the things I have achieved from the my list & I’m proud.  Remember I had 30 goals,There are some which I have failed to attempt even at 1%  but well everything shall be done.

I listed a couple of travels but I haven’t attempted any? Gosh! I need to hurry…lol

would you like to know what I haven’t tried to attempt completely 😦 ??? Let me know & I’ll share with you

So, do you set certain goals and give yourself a timeline  of the accomplishment?

What do you do to keep on track?

Would love to hear your tips & tricks on staying focused to your goals.

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