Is it winter yet? Cut that, we don’t have to wait for winter to have a bowl of healthy soup. I grew up disliking pumpkins and don’t ask me why because I won’t have an answer to that, I think I just decided to dislike them. But here I am today shouting at you, “Eat your pumpkins”!!

Why should you eat pumpkins?

Pumpkins are good for your heart! You don’t believe me? read here.

So, by the title you already know we are in for a healthy soup today and Yaaas! Pumpkin soup it is. Okay, enough with the lecture now grab your apron and join me in the kitchen.



-Pumpkin (¼)

-Green beans

– Onion


-Green Bell pepper


-Curry Powder

-Cooking oil


– Chilli Flakes (optional)


Remove the seeds from the pumpkin after cutting them and cut it into pieces

Prepare the other ingredients by chopping them into fine pieces


Add a drop of cooking oil (I used sunflower oil)

Start frying the onions and as they are half way cooked add your chopped carrots, bell paper and green beans.

Now add salt and curry powder and the chilli flakes  let it cook.

So, where are our pumpkins? What do we do with them? Don’t worry, here we are.


Put the pumpkin pieces in a pot add the fried veggies (we prepared first) also some amount of water and start boiling.

Caution: Pumpkins don’t take too long to cook so don’t use lots of water.

Once it’s cooked start blending and keep adding milk during the blending process.

And Boom! There you have it a bowl full of nutrients and happiness….!

Who’s  ready to try this at their homes?


Tag your version of any of my recipes that you have tried  I’ll be waiting…. Insta:@oliviaz_pot


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