Hola! Bonjour, Unjani, Mambo vipi, Muraho, Oli otya, Hello  my people!  What’s up my beloved ones?  Happy Tuesday everyone!

It’s October and I’m still cheering on that. Do you know why?  On the last day of September  I typed my heart out sharing with you guys my mad love for October. You missed that post? Read Here

My beloved, my life is an Open book of some sort and by the time I retire from blogging (Which I don’t know when) you might have a lot to tell about me. So here I am sharing with you another piece of me.

I love Sea food.  If we ever go out be sure I’ll go for the sea food  options on the menu unless otherwise. And you know what? God has made my life so easy because I’m staying few miles away from the food market, actually it’s a 20 minutes drive. Awesome!

Well, on Sunday we  had some guests at home and honestly I was my lazy self that day. My body didn’t want to do a thing but mama gave me that “please baby” just do it kinda face and it melted me. Guess what? She paid me for the job. Listen I don’t bribe but I make money from what I do best. You also need a private chef, just holla at your girl.

So, part of the meal I prepared were these delicious, juicy   and spicy  pan fried  king fish. It turned to be every bodies favorite and here I am sharing with you guys so you can also prepare these spicy pan  fried kind fish at home.

Are you ready? Let’s roll.

spicy pan fried king fish- Oliviaz Pot


King Fish


Red Chilli



Black Pepper

Lemon Juice

Soy sauce

Fish Masala


Cooking Oil

spicy pan fried king fish- Oliviaz Pot

spicy pan fried king fish- Oliviaz Pot


-Clean the king fish and cut it into slices

-Arrange the king fish slices into a tray


-Mix Coriander, red chill, ginger,  Garlic,  Black Pepper, Lemon Juice, Soy sauce, Fish Masala, Salt and blend it all together


spicy pan fried king fish- Oliviaz Pot



-Marinate the king fish and refrigerate for about 30-40 minutes

-Switch on the stove, Place the pan and add few drops of cooking oil

Remember, we don’t want the fish to float in pool of cooking oil.

How I pan fried the fish.


-Now start frying the king fish slices in a medium heat, we don’t want them burnt . We want them juicy & tender on the inside.

– Let cook on both sides (do not over cook, do not let it burn) Give it at least 2 minutes or so on each side.

And ‘Boom shakalaka’! We made it. Take off your apron and tell me how  easy is  it is to prepare this delicious spicy pan fried king fish?

I served my spicy pan fried king fish with some plantains and salad. However, you can serve your spicy pan fried king fish with some rice and sauce on the side or you can enjoy them with some French fries. And in case you are more into salad, just prepare yourself some  healthy salad  on the side and enjoy yourself.

Spicy Pan Spicy pan Fried King Fish- Oliviaz pot


Spicy Pan Spicy Pan Fried King Fish- Oliviaz pot


Have you enjoyed this recipe? What shall be your ideal side dish for  your spicy pan fried King Fish?

You know I’ll love to get your feedback. Tag me on Instagram @oliviaz_pot





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