“The Power of giving is greater than the joy of receiving”- Norbert Harms

Gifting! my other favorite fun activity to do during this season. If there is something I have to confess on the internet is for ‘my future hubby and kids to  just get ready for my excitement and extra energy I have for all 31 days of December/ Christmas season’.  And no, I’m not ashamed.

So, my darlings how are you and your loved ones? It’s the 9th of December, being Tanzanian we celebrate our  Independence day today. 56 years of Independence today hooray! God bless Tanzania, God bless Africa, God bless the whole universe.  See, Christmas comes with so much blessings hey.

So, let’s talk about being Santa to our loved ones. Do you practice the Christmas gifting tradition? I remember back in our childhood days when dad and mom used to place our gifts under the Christmas gifts under the tree and tell us Santa paid us a visit, and we believed.It was and still is fun so I still do that to my nieces but my 4 years old niece is so curious she hardly believe in Santa..LOL. But as we became older we started a new tradition  of playing a secret Santa game where we write down names on papers and each family member chooses one name and you find a gift for them. It’s always a joyful moment when we come to sit as a family and open them, there will be so much laughter and silly inside jokes and great memories.  I suggest you try this tradition either with family, your squad or colleagues it’s pretty fun.

Now, do you have a list of people you want to gift this Christmas? Are you running out of time or budget? Honey I’m here to help.  My choice is to always give a person something that they can cherish for a longer time or for as long as they live but sometimes time and financial status can be a little challenging so the only option will be for you to become creative.

1. An indoor plant

Inexpensive last minute Christmas gift

This is cute, inexpensive and so thoughtful.   That plant will become a person daily reminder of your existence . Have your plant in a cute mug  so they can either put it in their living room, office desk dinning hall etc.


2. Reading materials

How about you develop  a reading culture to your kids?  Get them some holiday novels, bible or night stories whatever that works for them and will have the read.

How about you spoil your loved ones with the novels from their favorite authors too? Or even get them new books out of the zone just to explore to the the whole new feel and adventure. Cool, right? It’s less expensive and it’s easy to  get all you need to is to run to a book store close to you.

3. Their Favorite Wine/Champagne bottle

Can I get an Amen.  It may not be an everlasting gift but it’s going to bring a smile in their faces and heart.  They will always remember you for pampering their holiday experience with their favorite drink.

4. Homemade Christmas Cake

Inexpensive last minute gift idea

There is always  a special feeling  when  a person makes an extra effort to  bring joy into your heart.  This may be a like a handwritten note or trying a DIY project, it may not turn out so perfect but it will make  a person feel extra special seeing how far you crossed the line to see them happy. So how about baking for them? We all love some sweet treats.

5. Kitchen Utilities

Inexpensive last minute Christmas gift idea

Cough! Are you running out of budget but you want to send Christmas gifts to me? Well now you have the clue. LOL  Okay listen, This can also give you a clue of the type of people you want to gift. Get to know their favorite things and activities and try out to pick some items of their interest.


My beloved, I hope these clue will help and you will have an amazing moment of choosing presents for your loved ones.

Do you have any other idea of  some inexpensive last minute Christmas gifts ?

Let us know in the comments below.



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