12 days until Christmas guys.  Whoop whoop!  How are you going on with your Christmas shopping and other preparations?  Are you done with gift shopping? If not check out here as I have assisted you  with some inexpensive last minute Christmas gift ideas. Have you shopped for yourself too? Wait let me confess; I take Christmas so serious and I become the’ kiddy’ me as hard as I can, New clothes for Christmas is a must have for me even if I won’t wear it on the exact Christmas  day, I mean that idea of ‘ this is my Christmas outfit’ gives me a whole new feeling.

So, Is your house looking like Christmas already? What are you waiting for? I went to shop for some new Christmas Decors few days ago and as I was picking something I heard a lady telling her friend (person she was with) like ‘seriously? I will never spend my money on things like Christmas decor, If my kids want let their dad buy’, Trust me that statement broke me, I felt for how much her kids are missing things and all the Christmas fun yet it gave me a hint of this blog post.

Honey listen, as the lady said ‘she will never spend money’ on Christmas decor doesn’t mean she is against Christmas decor since she is okay if the husband does it. So I figured it may be the financial issues here. Right? So how about you do some DIY r and save a lot of amount, all you will need is some few Christmas ornaments.


  1. A glass bowl/ Jar

Easy! Find  a big glass bowl or Jar and fill it with all your colorful Christmas ornaments and you are good to good.

Christmas Center piece DIY

To spice things up you may add  Christmas lights in the the ornaments filled jar.

Christmas Centre piece DIY

How beautiful and easy that is?  All you will use is few Christmas ornaments and  glass jar or bowl and Christmas lights by choice.


2. Wine Glasses

Awesome! now take a walk to you kitchen cabinet and pull out those fancy wine glasses, the find candles and Christmas ornaments or stickers.

Stick those fun Christmas Stickers in the glass and have yourself a merry little Christmas.

Creative, right? I know. So why isn’t your house giving your that Christmas feel already?



Go out find a  dry piece of tree and spray paint it, put it in a jar and add some Christmas ornaments on it. Honey everything is so easy, all you need is the Christmas Spirit.

Christmas Center piece DIY

Christmas Center piece DIY


A tray, really? what can you do with a tray? Baby, check this out.



Was that too hard? You won’t spend much and you won’t go beyond your budget . Honey, It’s Christmas and you need to go all out!  Be extra.  If you know anyone who is confused on how to give their homes a whole new Christmas feel share this post with them


Did you enjoy these DIYs tips?

Wishing you all the fun as you are decorating your homes.


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