Christmas cookies


7 Days before Christmas ya’ll ! I was meant to say a week but it would sound so far..LOL. So how far are you with your Christmas plans?   Honestly I can’t keep calm and it’s so obvious, for those who are following me through insta  (@oliviaz_journal) would know what I mean.

Christmas Cookies anyone?  As you know holiday season comes with some awesome package of our favorite holiday movies, cuddling moments with bae/boo, bonding with family and friends, so how are we going to create special memories during the season? It’s all about food baby!And today’s special recipes of Christmas Cookies can be the shooting star, just perfect.  Imagine having to bring a smile on the little ones face through Christmas cookies or special breakfast with the family with these Christmas Cookies on the table, awesome right?

Now let’s hit it to the kitchen and get our thing done;-) wink*

Christmas Cookies

Christmas Cookies


Wheat flour

Brown Sugar


Baking Powder

Full Cream Milk

Vanilla essence


Cocoa Powder



Mix the ingredients (expect cocoa powder and chocolate) and start preparing the dough. Do not add any amount of water as you are preparing the dough. Use full cream milk only, make sure the dough is not sticky.

Now start to create the cookie shapes as you mold or cut them into designs of your choice.

Pre heat the oven 175C  and start baking the cookies for  30-40 minutes as you keep an eye on them.

Christmas Cookies


Christmas Cookies


Melt the butter and chocolate, mix with milk and cocoa powder.. Whisk thoroughly. You may add a bit of sugar if you have an extra sweet tooth. Drip it down on your cookies as you wish.

Christmas cookies


And Viola! You are all set for an awesome treat during this holiday season. I would prefer to have these  Christmas cookies again on Christmas Eve as I’ll be enjoying some movies and hanging with the family.

Who is ready to try these awesome Christmas Cookies at home?

Don’t forget it’s Christmas and you have to be extra.



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