Hey beautiful people. Happy 1st of February, Isn’t this year moving so fast already? I personally think it does and for some reasons I’m excited about this year, I pray to God he keeps blessing us.

Did you read the title right? Like really, we are talking about hair in a food blog? This cannot happen, Sigh. May be that is what you are thinking, right? Honey Listen, “Oliviaz Pot” is a food & Lifestyle blog. Though food takes over by 80% we still have other life to capture, share, and learn as well as to be inspired and transformed from.

So, this girl right here is a natural hair enthusiast. Did you know about that? I have been sharing a lot about my natural hair journey (how to grow, take care & to style natural hair) in my previous blog and it was such a beautiful experience  cause I connected with lots of other’ naturalistas’ and it helped me learn from them too.


One Sunday morning in July 2013 I silently went to the saloon for the big chop, the decision which looked foolish to majority of who knew me. I had long & healthy (relaxed) hair, I looked beautiful with my (relaxed) hair so what the hell did I do? Why big chop? The reaction from people which sometimes came with selfish & rude comments, “you look funny, you look ugly, are you planning to date a white man now? Etc e Truth is I didn’t care because I was all set & I was happy and excited for the new me and the journey ahead. (Full Story here)


First, natural hair journey is never boring or complicated as some of you may think. I was once told I decided to cut my hair because I was bored and I no longer knew what to do with what I claimed to be my crown.  Truth is natural hair journey is actually an exciting and creative journey. Natural hair journey taught me love, discipline, dedication, self Care, curiosity and patience (some topic for another day)



I have had relaxed hair for as long as I can remember as well as being natural for the longest period of my life. (confusing huh?!) Anyway, I have been in both moments and I have loved my hair regardless and my hair have been healthy in both ways

After 5 years of being natural my crown was the most beautiful thing I wore every day. But again, whatever with a starting point should have an ending point. As I began my natural hair journey  in 2013 there was a lot I didn’t know of, I learnt most of the things during the process, I became a product junkie trying to figure out what worked best for my hair and  tried  random things different natural hair bloggers and you tubers were claiming to be best for natural hair. All in all it was a walking journey, learning a thing or two every morning.

So, starting over my natural hair journey is a great move for me as I’m now more aware of the dos and don’ts about natural hair and specifically about my very own hair. This journey will be quite easy now as well as more exciting than before.

Also I considered the Health vs Length factor. My natural hair was pretty long and I loved it, however I was enough with the length and I wanted to give it a fresh cut and start the whole new healthy hair journey.

For the looks! Oh yes, every girl love to play around with their hair. Trying something new every now and then for fun right? So, a desire for the new look is something that led me to cut my hair after 5 years of being natural.

And to be honest I’m enjoying the stage I’m in and I can’t wait to see how far we can go again.


2 months before the second big chop.


Is there any natural who decided to big chop again? What’s or what was the reason for your second big chop?

Or who is joining team natural this year? Let’ talk about your excitement for this natural hair journey.



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