Mazsons Hotel=- Zanzibar Review



“Don’t judge a book by its cover” one of the most famous quote almost everyone knows about. I want to be honest here, I do apply this quote in so many things in my life except for certain services like hotels, Flights and so on of that category and only because I think those companies/institutions should be judged for what they advertise. But come on, if a hotel brands itself as a 5 start hotel then I’ll go with my high expectation and tune myself to be treated with the 5 star hotel treats.

Our very first hotel review has to be all the way from the beautiful Island of Zanzibar.  Mazsons hotel it is. I started my 2018 with a bang hey, and so far I’m looking at it as the most beautiful moment of the year (judging the year with only a month & a half now LOL) .So, my friend and I took a beautiful vacation to Zanzibar from end of 2017 to early 2018 and I swear we made a lot of memories, we took a million photos and I don’t know which are worth to share.

Anyway, my cousin (who resides in Zanzibar) was the one helping us arrange the accommodation, we knew it was such a hectic time of the year to do some last minute hotel reservation but we didn’t want to trade our vacation over anything even if it had us to sleep in the streets of the beautiful Stone town. We took our boat from Dar es Salaam (we got to the ferry at 8am only to leave at 11:30am, the first boat was already full). So, as we were in the trip my cousin sent us some details of a lodge that we didn’t approve so we asked him to find us another hotel and he advised we do it together as we land with a caution most of the fancy places were full. So 2.5 hours later we arrived in Zanzibar and my cousin handled us a brochure of a three star hotel named Mazsons Hotel, the details were well written and could convince anyone to go and so we were happy that we have finally found our stay and we were ready to explore the beautiful Island of Zanzibar. And during the stay this is the review of the hotel from my personal experience

Mazsons Hotel Review

Mazsons Hotel ReviewA portrait of the late Tippu Tip, the famous Slave Trader in Zanzibar


Mazsons Hotel Review


Loved it! Mazsons Hotel is located at the center of Stone Town called Shangani Street. It’s a walking distance from and to the ferry, actually a walking distance to almost every corner of Stone town, It was easy for us to do our late night walks to explore the town and also late evening visits to Forodhani garden to enjoy some mouth watering Swahili cuisine and  the beautiful view of the ocean.


Ladies and Gents, hands down! I remember we made our trip to the restaurant around 9am and my friend was worried we might miss the breakfast but let me tell you; If you are in for some yummy & healthy breakfast visit Mazsons hotel. There was a variety of meals, that breakfast buffet was everything and extra. The food was yummy too & you could eat as much as you want. Worthy every penny you paid.


Like a number of places in Zanzibar, Mazsons hotel is arty and quite. The hotel is actually calm, collected and peaceful. That’s one of the hotel you could go and finish your work or book in peace.

Mazsons Hotel, Zanzibar Review, Hotel Review

Mazsons Hotel Review

Mazsons Hotel- Zanzibar Review

Mazsons Hotel- Zanzibar Review

Mazsons Hotel

Mazsons Hotel -Zanzibar Review



Mazsons Hotel offers bed and breakfast services. My friend and I paid for a double room and the price was $ 120 per night. Was the price worth it?

I’m not going to lie; I shared same remarks in the questionnaire the Hotel management provided in the hotel rooms.

  1. Salt water, like really? Imagine after a busy day of exploring the town you have to come shower with salt water.
  2. Non functioning TV! There was a big ‘good for nothing’ big screen television in the room.
  3. Poor room service; as we arrived a gentleman received us and directed us to our room, he recognized there was a missing bottle of water and he promised to bring us the second bottle but he never came back until now I’m writing this. Also he told us about the TV working, he tried to put it on himself without success but he then said, we shall figure out as we settle since it’s functioning.
  4. The washroom though! It didn’t fancy me at all and nothing about being fancy it’s about safety first…Lot’s of rust in the shower actually the hotel needs to do some renovation in the bathroom.

We therefore changed the hotel on the second day, sorry Mazsons Hotel team. However, I may go back again for that massive breakfast buffet though.

However, perfect bed size and there are also coffee & tea  making facilities in the room so you can keep yourself warm and refreshed at anytime. As much as the AC was making noise the sleep was so comfortable.

All in all we had a beautiful stay and made lots of memories.

Mazsons Hotel -Zanzibar Review

Have you visited the Mazsons hotel? How was your experience?



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