Happy ‘Movember’ guys!

How fast is this year moving? October was just last night though, but don’t get it twisted cause  I’m not complaining. Your girl is here counting  down to Christmas, actually been counting down to Christmas since January 1st .  So, what’s good on your side? It’s rainy season in Dar es Salaam  and trust me it is not well. I love rain but I feel for people who are currently going through hell because of this rain and somehow that makes me feel bad for praying for more rain.

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30 goals before 30


Hey, what’s up Fam’? How is you and yours?  Are you having a fabulous week so far? Ask me not because I’m having the best days of my life, I’m just happy and I have decided to keep it that way because why should I be sad? Happiness is a choice after all.

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THE BIG 3 AKA 29ish

THE BIG 3 AKA 29ish !

Hip hip hip…Hooooray!

Darlings, my excitement is on another level . I can’t even hide it, yet I can’t express how happy I am. If you don’t know me here is the thing, I love October #LibraBabes & I live the whole year waiting for October to come, add December & February on the list.

Once upon a time a little girl was born, It was  the second week of October, on a cloudy Thursday night when the universe received her, Her mother held her as she shade tears of joy. Her father saw her and he smiled then said a  little prayer, he thanked God for the new best friend he had received, her late grand mother saw her and she said, “I will be calling her Bahati”, the name only from me to  her.

And that’s how the story began.

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Happy Wednesday darlings!

How are you and your loved ones doing?Families, partners ,friends, colleagues & the list goes on. Asking me? the answer is we are ‘Fine, we thank God’.

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It’s ‘Money-Day ‘ aka Monday ,How are you guys doing? What re the plans for this week? Oh wait, did you know it’s the last week of September?… Gosh, how time flies! My favorite season is almost here…..Yippie #Excited! I love the last three months and this time they are coming too soon.  May God guide us through the year. AMEN

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30 goals before 30


Why am I doing this though? This is torture seriously, LOL.

So, guys  2 years ago I wrote this “30 goals? Really, that’s like a lot of work. Anyway, it is what it is, so how are you my beautiful people? I have a lot on my desk but these are the 30 goals I feel safe to share with you and I’m really working hard to accomplish them, saying that I only have two years to accomplish”.  And then I shamelessly / fearlessly  listed my 30 goals. Sigh!!

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